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Astrological clock LAVClock version 2.7.1 32-bit version [7.1 Mb] 64-bit version [7.2 Mb]
Portable versions: (Can be launched from any media, as USB Flash or Hard Disk)
portable_lavclock2.exe Portable version (32bit) [8.0 Mb]
portable_lavclock2_x64.exe Portable version (64bit) [7.7 Mb]
Clock synchronization LGPSTime version 1.2.1 [5.9 Mb]
Determination of the IP address GetMyIP version 1.1 [27 Kb] 
Screensaver Actual Moon 3D version 1.5 [509 Kb]
Screensaver Actual Earth 3D version 1.2 [1.0 Mb]
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